Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Little Aussie Culcha

How many of my readers here remember watching the Paul Hogan Show? Beaut Aussie entertainment there, I've just been watching it on DVD. People seemed more "Australian" then. Shame that most of our top talent moves offshore when they get really famous, though. I promise, dear readers, that should I ever become obscenely famous (hahaha) I will stay an aussie always. Anyway, in keeping with the local flavour, thought I'd flick up a challenge piece I did a few years back now with a good aussie theme. The challenge fabric had all these rich earthy colours in it, so just had to go with something a little 'native', but as all good Aussie Artists are aware, it is not on to directly copy the aboriginal artistic style, but it's a great inspiration, like all ethnic art forms. I did this one in reverse applique, stitched on the machine, of course. The piece is 50cm x 70cm and was for the Queensland Quilters challenge. Some of those little bits were pretty tricky for turning under the seam allowances.

"Little Yabbie Dreaming"


Maureen said...

Bernadine "culcha" sounds like a gaelic term to me (please expalin) a la Hanson :-)]I was privileged to recently "do" a workshop with Cyb=nthia M,PLUS see your works over at Strathpine...........I'm still a groupie where you are concerned..........LOVE them!
Sorry! cant make it to Peachester this weekend as have had surgery to both eyes (I'm now the SEQ Panda eyes) but hope you all have a fantastic show.

Bernardine Hine said...

Hi there Maureen, nice to hear from you. That there word "culcha" was just a muck around spelling of culture, coz we all know how highly cultured us aussies are!!! Glad you enjoyed the exhibition and Cynthia's workshop. Hope your eyes heal nicely, ready to stitch up a storm!

Alison Schwabe said...

Surely an understatement and so typically Aussie, Bernadine, to describe the reverse applique you did on this striking piece as 'pretty tricky' ! IMHO it might have been easier to achieve by hand, but I gather from other comments you are not a hand person? If you're soing something similar in the future you might consider bonding the tiny shapes and adding a bit of machine detail, as Dijanne Cevaal, for example, has so effectively done very often. I'll be back in Aus next month and will keep an eye out for Hoges on dvd. Despite having spent so much time OS (but I'm working on reversing it) I remain avidly Aussie and rreeeeally miss our unique way of seeing and doing things that is woven into daily life there.