Friday, March 14, 2008

Blog Fiddling

I've just spent a large chunk of my evening trying to make one of those funky-doo headings for my blog, finally succeeded after much fiddling and faddling. Hope you like the nice colourful top, featuring yet another machine embroidered moth. I think I deserve to go to bed now and have a nice recouperating sleep after all that hard blogging work, what with 2 posts in the one day as well!! Oh, and plus the neocounter, all because somebody else had it on their blog and it looked really cool.


Maureen said...

I saw your lovely Moths and your marvellous bird quilts yesterday.
That wren(?) is to die for.
Unfortunately CynthiaM wouldnt let me "liberate" it!

Bernardine Hine said...

But Maureen, you could have liberated it...for a price!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh, yeah - the heading is definitely worth the effort!