Friday, February 15, 2008

Exhibition News

Exciting news, the Textile Art Group I am a member of is having an exhibition! 2 weeks till it opens, and as you can see, the flyers look wonderful. If you will be in the area then, go check it out, there is some scrummy work on display.

The exhibition title, "Many Voices, Common Thread" comes about because each artist was given a piece of yarn and an artist canvas, and we all had to create something incorporating the piece of thread and then mount it onto the canvas. These pieces will all be hanging together. Considering the diverse talents and specialities of the exhibiting artists, this was a very interesting exercise and they really do look marvellous together.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Will this exhibit be on-line or will you be able to post some pictures? Wish I could come...this way of mounting the artwork for a uniform (and probably easy to hang) look is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bernadine
Do tell me more!!
I'm in the Redcliffe area now,and would love to come renew the friendship.


Anonymous said...

Oh Bernadine
I'd LOVE to catch up (I'm at Redcliffe now.