Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another day, Another bird

Just whipped up this little piece the other day. Cute little Azure Kingfisher, sitting in the deep dark rainforest. I based this on a photo I took of said bird, with the little image of him about 1cm big in the vast expanse of green. Sadly, bird photography is not my strong point, happily, quilting is. This is a wholecloth dyed and painted piece.


Jill Smith said...

love the picture of the kingfisher, when l lived in Scotland my husband and l went bird watching every day and have seen some beautiful birds that had got lost when migrating but never a kingfisher so it was lovely seeing your great photo.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Very impressive! How big is this?

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous bird!! I am Berni's oldest friend and have known and since we met when we were 13. Her work never ceases to amaze me. I love visiting this site as I don't see her as often as I'ld like.

Jan said...

Hi, I read your comments recently on the AQL and followed the link to your blog. Beautiful work! I am in the USA so especially enjoy the exotic aspect of your Australian imagery, local birds. Also I saw that you have a couple of old Bernina's. So do I, I bought my first used Bernina (Record 550) 30 years ago and it was fairly old then. I sewed for years on it before I became a quilter and learned to FMQ on it. It still sews beautifully, never skips but I finally did buy a new machine (Bernina 150) that had a few more bells and whistles. I was disappointed all my old feet didn't fit the new machine. I still have the old dame and use her when I need to sew something rough and she performs like the champion she is. I will check back on your blog occasionally, I see you don't post very often. You do beautiful work, I am impressed.