Sunday, May 06, 2007

Machine Embroidery & More on old Berninas

Since I bought the old bernina in my last post, I have, yes, bought another old Bernina, this time a 544. It is older, only does straight & zig zag, very well worn, but running well. So.. to put it through it's paces, I decided to do a machine embroidery, and this is the result. Pretty good stitching work for such an ol' gal eh? (that's the sewing machine, not me, I'm not over 50 years old yet!!!)
I love free motion embroidery, it tends to have a more fluid result that digitized embroidery, and besides, when you consider that the machine I stitched this on cost me $45, took me 4 -5 hours approx to complete, it wins hands down on both accounts. Laughing just like a kookaburra - hoo hoo haa haa hee hee!!!!


Anonymous said...

I just looked at your gallery of work. My heavens I'm impressed! It's such a remarkable combination of technical precision and artistic freedom. All I can say is WOW! --And the bird in the piece you have pictured, that's a kookaburra? -- Funny, we all learned that song as a round, growing up (I'm in North America) but I always imagined it was about a kuala bear! I haven't thought about the words in years, but I see now, it's a bird! So funny to realize. Thank you.

Helen said...

You have made a wonderful job of this! Obviously "practice makes perfect" How much thread would something like this take?

Anonymous said...

Well done, B!

Natalie Australia said...

I do admire the wonderful work on your kookaburra for a minute I thought it a photo of a live one.