Thursday, April 26, 2007

The New Machine

I was wandering around a dusty, junky second hand store, and there in the corner, all forlorn was this stately old machine, a Bernina 640-2 Favorit. Couldn't help myself, I just had to bring it home. What a grand old Dame she is, built around 1961 and her motor is so quiet! I got the instruction book, and box of feet with it, but oh dear, alas, NO bobbin case, and no bobbins, either. I would just love to put her back into service, but a new bobbin case, well yes, they are available, but so expensive, it takes the less common rotary case, as opposed to the more common ossilating Bernina bobbin cases. If I'm lucky, I might just be able to get a hold of a second hand one. Anyone out there just happen to have one lying around?
Now, if you are wondering why I would want to sew on a 45 year old machine, rather than a fancy computerised model, well the answer is simple - free motion embroidery. All you need for that is a needle going up and down, feed dogs dropped, fast motor and fingers outta the way. And my wonderful computerised Bernina wants to do more than that, with all those step motors, it needs a different sort of work out to stay fit. Besides, where's the fun in owning only one machine, when we can have 2, or 3 or 4 or......

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Helen said...

My sentiments exactly. I have an old Singer 201 that sews a straight stitch like a dream. It goes twice as fast as my new Elna, the only thing I yearn for on it is a needle up/down. Otherwise it is perfect for free motion quilting and has twice as much room under the arm. Sorry i can't help with the bobbin case.