Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Using Flat Rods for Hangng Quilts Smartly

Was talking on a forum about using flat aluminium strips for hanging quilts with. This is a really neat way to hang quilts and present them in a professional manner. I have taken some photos to show everyone just what I was talking about. The aluminium strips I buy come in 4 metre lengths, but I can have them cut to size when I purchase them. (Contact your nearest aluminium supplier). They are cut to be a little shorter than the quilt measurement. This is the sized aluminium that I use, although some friends of mine use a narrower strip for smaller quilts.
I get my husband to drill the holes in each end. Through this hole I tie a small loop of fishing line and this loop is used to hang the quilts in a gallery situation.


Here you can see how I do a flat rod pocket to accommodate the rod. If I know that the quilt will be hung at a quilt show with the large dowel rods, I do a double pocket, with the underneath one flush for the aluminium strip, and a larger one on top with extra room for the fat rods.


And here you can see how the quilt sits flush to the wall. I am now following the example of other artists and attaching a second rod pocket to the bottom of the quilt for a bottom rod to be placed in. This then weights down the bottom of the quilt to keep it 100% flat from top to bottom. (note that the way I have hung it with a string and one hook is not as good as 2 hooks, one for each side, but unfortunately I don't have proper gallery style hangers in my house, yet!)


Claudia said...

Great idea honey! With my new studio,I will have to get some of these, it's looks very tidy.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Are you just using these for large pieces, Bernadine? Most of my current stuff is quite small - though I guess the aluminium doesn't weigh much.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Bernadine.
Delia (Del)

This blog is fantastic.